1.- How much does FAP Turbo costs?

FAP Turbo price is 149$.

2.- If I didn’t like the product, can I get my money back?

Yes, you can get your money back within 60 days of purchase no questions asked.

3.- How can I know this is true and they won’t steal my money?

Well, the way of purchasing FAP turbo is through a very reliable company named ClickBank (something like Amazon.com).

4.- What is the minimum amount of money I can invest on FAP Turbo to start making money?

The minimum amount is 50$.

5.- When will I see a real difference between the invested and the profit?

Well, is kind of obvious that the less you invest the less you will gain, so if you really  want to see a big profit you need to start investing considerable amounts of money.

Anyway, my personal advice is to start with the minimum (50$), learn how the program works and how  the market moves, and then you can raise this to whatever you feel like.

6.- Is it worth investing on FAP Turbo? or could I lose all the money I’ve invested?

Yes, it is woth investing on FAP Turbo. And just like any real market it’s a risk to take.

7.- So why if it’s risky should I invest on it?

Well, like I said, every real market it’s risky but the more you know about it the less it would be.  I’ve myself invested on it and most of the time you get profit, i’m talking about months, but there are sometimes that you lose some money.

I know you guys want some numbers so here they are: like 5 months ago time I invested 500$, the first  month I made a net profit of 342,29$, so my capital for that time was of 800$. The next month I had a loss  of 212,09$, so my capital for that time reduced to 630,20$. Then I decided to invest all the 630,20$: The first month I earned a profit of 119,04$, the next I earned 459,72$. And so far today I have a capital of around 2000$.

So in my opinion, is it worth the risk? Yes, it is worth the risk.

8.- Will this market go on forever? Is there a chance that I could lose all the money I invested suddenly?

The Forex market exists since 1970s and has grown since then, there are millions of people who trade in this market daily. The estimated daily turnover on this market is of 3.98 trillion USD$. So, with a extremely robust system like this there’s no chance that you could possibly lose all your money suddenly.

I don’t know if it will last forever, but what I do know is that it will continue for at least some decades.

9.- Do I have to know something about Forex Market in other to use FAP Turbo?

No, you don’t have to know anything about Forex Market to use FAP Turbo. But let’s be realistics: the more you know about this market, the better your profits will be.

10.- Are there other automated Forex robots?

Yes, there are.

11.- Is there a better robot than FAP Turbo?

From the robots that I’ve tested, I haven’t found one as good and customizable as this one.

12.- Can I change FAP Turbo options? What are these options?

You can modify every option in FAP Turbo to fit your demands and needs.
These options are: stop loss, take profit, time frame, currency, strategy term, among others parameters and filters.

13.- How will I know what those options are for?

FAP Turbo comes with detailed instructions about the filters and parameters, and some video tutorials to help you learn.

14.- How much time do I have to use this program in one day to see a profit?

The longer you use it, the better results will be.

15.- So that means I have to leave my computer on 24/7?

If you don’t want to miss any good trade, the answer is Yes.

16.- Is there another way besides leaving my computer on all day?

Yes, you could use the Virtual Private Server (VPS) that FAP Turbo guys provide.

17.- Is this server free? What about the stability?

No, the server is not free, you can host your robot there for 70 USD$ a month.

The server is really stable, has an excellent connection and pretty fast response.

18.- Do FAP Turbo developers provide support?

Yes, they provide email and phone support to their members.

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