Forex Market and FAP Turbo Review. How to Optimize automatic Forex Trades.

By jtelo February 1, 2009 12:55

Forex Market and FAP Turbo Review. How to Optimize automatic Forex Trades.

The Foreign Exchange Market or best known as Forex or FX Market, has become the world’s biggest financial market, with a daily turnover of about 3.2 trillion USD$. It’s a market where anyone can trade, from central and commercial banks to private individuals like you or me. The basics of this market like any other market is to trade items or objects, the thing is, that in this market those “items” or “objects” in trade are the currencies of various countries.

The particular feature of the Forex Market, is that people profit from the fluctuations in the currency exchange. Also, another particular thing, is that un

like other markets, FX Market, does not requires physical purchase of the currencies, but rather involves contracts for amount and exchange rate of currency pairs.

The objective of currency trading is to exchange one currency for another hoping that the fluctuation of the market will be such that the currency you bought increases its value in relation to the o

ne you sold.

The Forex Market is maybe the best market for financial traders because of it’s characteristics:

  • High Liquidity: this means there will always be circulating money. In this way, traders can trade any currency at any time they feel like, all this, because someone will always be trading, selling or buying any currency he wants, which makes the market extremely appealing for financial traders.

  • Market Transparency: FX Market offers to any trader the ability to observe the information of every trading process, giving great advantages to the market participants. Because of this, traders can study the market and employ pre-meditated strategies to get the best of it.

  • Low Transaction Costs: Transactions in the Forex Market costs zero or very close to it. This is because in the FX Market, traders deal directly with the market maker, which eliminates ticket costs and middlemen.

  • Trending Market: Forex Market is cyclic, it goes up and down, making it easier for financial traders to analyze it’s statistics in order to anticipate the direction of future prices.

  • Leverage: FX Market offers the participants the ability to borrow funds for investment. Leverage is also called investment ratio to actual value.

  • 24/5: Forex Market offers to the participants the ability to trade all day long, 24 hours, all the five days of the week, except weekends, from any city of the planet.

Forex Market, is one of the most attractive markets for the financial traders, but:

“How can I get the most of it if I’m always busy?”

The answer is really simple: Forex Robots.

Forex Robot

A Forex Robot, is a computer software designed to make automatic trades in Forex Market on any broker, based on statistics. The Bot analyzes the market and closes trades by buying or selling currencies for the amount of money you set it to trade. It works almost like an experienced human financial trader, this definitely is the answer for everybody that wants to trade in the FX Market and:

  1. Doesn’t have time.

  2. Doesn’t know much about FX Market and how to make a good trade.

  3. Want to learn without risking money.

  4. And last but not least, want to go to sleep and wake up knowing that you have more money than yesterday.

Another question pops up:

“This is amazing, but, is there any good reliable Forex Robot?”

The answer is, Yes.


Forex AutoPilot Turbo, better known as FAP Turbo is the best Forex Robot on the market so far. This robot can make trades with a 95,9% of effectiveness (winning rate), It’s really easy to install and set up, can be configured within minutes, plus a bunch of documentation and video tutorials are provided to help with the using and learning. Almost every parameter can be adjust, from “take profit” to “stop loss” and some other filters.

Another excellent feature of FAP Turbo is the capability to make trades with every currency pair: EUR/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, etc. Also, these trades can be started with an investment as little as 50 USD$. On the other hand, FAP Turbo developers thought of everything and made this program capable to simulate real trades with demo accounts, in order to help newbies to learn everything and make things easier and safer for them to start the trades with real money.

Finally developers created a VPS (Virtual Private Server) where users can store their robots for a little fee, and trade 24/5 without having their computers on all the time. But for those who didn’t like the FAP Turbo VPS, there is another VPS, which in my opinion is much better than FAP Turbo VPS, to store the robot, this one is called EZForexHost, is a dedicated server with 24/7 online support, it has a 99,99% uptime, is maintained and monitored all the time, has preinstalled MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal and an extensive guide of How to Install your Expert Advisor or Robot. But most important of all, runs with Windows.

The last thing I would like to talk is about FAP Winner, this thing is a membership to an excellent website of an obsessed guy with FAP Turbo, this guy, named Charles A. Floyd, provides a whole new sets of settings, strategies and configurations to optimize this Robot to the max, and exploit its attributes to get huge amounts of money. Here’s a FAP Winner overview of what you get when you join:

  • Personal guidance and tutoring.

  • Daily trading plan.

  • Advices on movements, like telling when to increase or decrease the trade size.

  • Online video conferences

  • Live support.

  • FAP Turbo Discussion Forum.

I think that after giving all this information, is time to talk about the most important and, for some, ugliest part of the thing: Prices.

  • FAP Turbo: 149.99 USD$

  • FAP Turbo VPS: 70 USD$

  • EZForexHosting: initial charge of 69.95 USD$ + 69.95 USD$ per month for 11 months.

  • FAP Winner:
  1. Monthly: 99 USD$ + 49.95$/month for 12 months.

  2. Supreme Account 599 USD$. One Time Fee.

And the last question, and maybe the most important one, pops up after reading this:

“What if I am not satisfied with the things I bought?”

The answer, once again, is really simple: All these products have 60 Days Money Back Guarantee by ClickBank.

By jtelo February 1, 2009 12:55
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