7 Reasons why to use a Forex Trading Robot

By jtelo November 8, 2009 21:50
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7 Reasons why to use a Forex Trading Robot

Nowadays, many people that know at least a little bit about Forex Market and what it has to offer, are in the eternal indecision of whether or not to use an automated trading system, better known as Robots. Here are X reasons why they should make up their minds and start using a FX Robot right away:

Reason #1: Because it’s easy

Forex Automated Trading Systems are really easy to configure and use. Most of them come pre-ready, people just need to set a couple of parameters and they will be doing trades in the next minute.

Reason #2: Robots do not rest

Being the Forex Market active 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, it’s impossible for a human to be online for all trades that take place in FX. For a robot this is not a problem, these software could be online all day long the five days of the week doing trades, all they need is their owners to have their PC on all the time or use a VPS.

Reason #3: Consistency

As a complement to Reason #2, robots can be consistent on what they do, they won’t be carried away by emotions and will make trades when the time is right according to their system. There are no “I have a feeling that…”.

Reason #4: Maths and Statistics

Forex Automated Trading Systems base all their judgement about trading on mathematics and statistics. Their software’s algorithms where made to follow trends and generate predictions based purely on numbers.

Reason #5: Multi-trading

Another amazing thing about FX bots, is that they can trade in various scenarios simultaneously, which is a hard task even for the more experienced traders. Robots can be trading in different currency pairs, with different time frames on different brokers, all at the same time.

Reason #6: Laziness

Why bother to learn everything about the FX Market and try to be a successful trader when a robot already is and it can trade for you? Laziness is a virtue.

Reason #7: Help

Even if you’re an experienced trader on the Forex Market, having a robot by your side is your best option. It can be used to compare your thoughts and predictions, and take best decisions.

So when you’re entering in this internal discussion, think about this and you’ll definitely make the best decision ever.

By jtelo November 8, 2009 21:50
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