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TOP Forex Product Choices

TOP Forex Product Choices

In this section readers can find our best products and a quick review of them exposing why are they in the TOP, what makes them good and how have the products performed until now:


#1: FAP Turbo

The famous FAP Turbo, it’s a robot build in the old Forex Autopilot engine. This robot wins the first place for being the best robot in terms of diversity, FAP Turbo works well with almost every single currency pair, with any strategy, Long or Short Term, but once again, like I said in one of my posts, it’s extremely hard to perfect various things at the same time, which makes it always second best when robots that focus on only one currency pair, like Megadroid, enter to the competition. Has had an accuracy on our trades of around 80-90% winning trades.

And because of the generated profit until this date, FAP Turbo wins the first place!

Highly configurable, best choice for diversity strategy.

#2: Forex Megadroid

This robot wins the second spot, first of all, because it has performed extremely well from its launch until now. It has traded with an accuracy of about 70-90% winning trades. Actually we have another live account running which you can check by going to the right sidebard of the website. Second of all because of what the robot does, this robot can “predict” what the market behavior will be on the inmediate future, 2 to 4 hours from the present, or like I said in one of my recent posts, it extrapolates market values, points and trends to have an approximately behavior of it in the future (to know more about this check the XX review). Third, the robot focuses in only one market, EUR/USD, which makes it even more accurate and reliable, but limitating traders diversity.

It is the best robot in terms of earnings, plus, one of the cheapest.

#3: Forex Magic Machine

This robot wins the third place simply because it is an overall robot, plus it comes with three additional applications that are really useful: the Forex Impulse Trading System which will Identify the hands-down best trades to enter, the Magic Indicator, which analyzes price and time forces that drive the market every day, and the last bonus is the Trader Survival Kit which contains reports and books that deeply explain the Forex Trading.


#1 Forex Automoney

Forex Automoney wins the first place in signals, for a bunch of things. First, because of its accuracy, these signals are the most accurate in the market so far. Second, because of the different time strategies it provides: Intraday, Daily and Weekly. Third, because of its ease of use, people just need to set a strategy and recieve the signals via E-mail or SMS, and last but not least, because it gives users the oportunity to try the signals for 3 days for a extremely low price: $4.95.

#2 Forex Ambush

Forex Ambush gets the second place most of all because of it’s price: $197. By making a comparisson between Ambush and Automoney people can see that the difference in performance is not much, but the price difference is really, really high. And having more or less the same system for more money is obviously not what people want. One of the big plus of Forex Ambush is that it has highly detailed information, it is really easy to use and for non-english traders, it’s in all languages.


Well, here there isn’t really a competition since HectorTrader Forex Course is the best and most complete course I’ve found in the market and being honest, is the only one I like.

HectorTrader Forex Course

This course is the best in the market simply because of the information it provides: 8 Chapters full of useful and reliable information about the art of trading in the Forex Market, with interactive videos and images. And because of the tools members gain access to when joining this amazing course. The course isn’t expensive, and it’s a life time membership.

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